About Us

The GeoCanva Story

Like most things in life, GeoCanva started off as a seedling idea that grew into something we’re proud to represent.

Purpose-Driven Business

Our mission was born out of a deep commitment to doing the right thing. As an eco-friendly company selling environmentally sustainable wall art canvases, we donate to various foundations that plant one tree for every item sold on our website.

While keeping in mind our environmentally friendly message, we’ve partnered with artists all around the world to offer you uniquely crafted masterpieces you’ll feel proud to showcase. We take that same artwork and manufacture it right here on US soil to help support the American economy that has given so much to us.

We are a business on a mission to provide jobs, empower artists, and support the effort against deforestation. Leading by example and proving that a business can be both green and profitable is what we’re here to do.




The modern world we live in has created modern problems that mother nature is not capable of fixing. Entire communities and societies around the world are having their way of life threatened by rising sea levels, deforested regions, and toxic pollution harming babies before they are even born.

How can we reverse the impact being made on the planet daily?

By incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable options into your daily life, you can make a difference one wall art canvas at a time. GeoCanva aims to stimulate sustainable jobs that help curtail the impact being made by the modern wave of industrialization.