Abstract Foggy Forest
Abstract Foggy ForestAbstract Foggy ForestAbstract Foggy ForestAbstract Foggy ForestAbstract Foggy Forest

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Premium Gallery Wraps (1.25″)

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Design Inspiration

Enter a realm that holds the secrets of nature. With this mysterious foggy forest canvas wall art featuring abstract art and optical illusion, you can bring the unexplored realm of the unknown and the bewildering surprises of nature into your home. One per cent of the profit to this wall art will go to nature conservation.
Gallery wrapped canvases are designed to be displayed without a frame. They usually have thicker stretcher bars, and none of the fasteners are visible. The sides of the canvas are primed just like the front, and the color of the print often extends out to the sides.

Product Information

Our canvases are handcrafted ethically in the United States with the highest quality achievable.

All of our canvas prints are composed of artwork that is produced by artists around the world with high quality cameras that produce high-resolution images.

Museum Quality Wrapped Canvas:

- Industry Standard 1.25" Thickness

- Handcrafted

- Color Will Last YEARS without fading

- Ready to Hang

  • 100% Cotton Fabric

  • Build with patented solid support face

  • High Image Quality And Detail

  • Closed Back

  • For Indoor Use

Shipping & Production


- Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks

Production Time

- All of our items are individually printed once order is placed, our average production time NOW is 2.70 days

- Orders might face slight delays from shipping partners because of COVID-19


How and with what hardware do you use to hang the Canvas?

Our canvas come with hooks already attached to the back, all you will need is something on the wall in which to hang.

How long does it take for Canvas to be shipped?

Our products ship in less than 3 days normally and arrive at our customers house in less than 11 days.

 What are the cleaning instructions?

Use a damp cloth to wipe off dust occasionally.

1 Canvas Purchased = 1 Tree Planted

As an Eco-Friendly company selling environmentally sustainable wall art canvases, we donate to various foundations that plant one tree
for every item sold on our website.

GeoCanva provides beautiful, high quality wall art decoration where our customer's can feel proud of their purchase.



  • Human cut down 15 billion trees per year

  • We only plant around 5 billion

  • Forests are home to 80% of the world's land animals

GeoCanva donates 1% out of every dollar towards planting trees

A tree gets planted for every $1 we donate


We are not pointing fingers or blaming, but we want to be part of the solution, not the problem

Around 40 million trees are cut down each day to make goods and products that require wood, to clear land for cities, or for agriculture.

Not only are trees the lungs of the planets who absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) and provide us with the oxygen we breathe, but they also provide natural beauty, habitat for animals, and are an essential resource that humans must use responsibly and sustainable.


The donations we make go towards tree planting initiatives and reforesting our planet. We support jobs in the process through our business and through our foundation partners.

The speed at which capitalism dominates the global ecosystem is faster than non profits and good citizens can fight back against. GeoCanva believes that in less than 10 years, that will change. The world is slowly realizing that we only have one planet to live on.

It's not a singular commitment that we have decided to make. The collective consciousness of our society also feels the same way. As long as we can make strides towards progress, we will see an improvement in global temperatures, the ozone layer, and an overall sustainable global economy that gives more than it takes.